3 Undeniable Reasons why Moringa supplement is best for weight reduction

blog 5 - 3 Undeniable Reasons why Moringa supplement is best for weight reduction

3 Undeniable Reasons why Moringa supplement is best for weight reduction.

Being overweight can be a very unpleasant experience and often comes with social consequences and health complications. Because of this, there are many products on the shelf that claim to help people get rid of excess weight. While this is certainly a good thing, most people that use these products are often unsure about whether these products are indeed useful. Don’t be cajoled into thinking there are products that would trigger significant weight reduction immediately. Weight reduction is a gradual process that requires genuine commitment from you. When it comes to weight reduction products, there are certain constituents that you should always look out for. If you find any weight reduction product that actually contains Moringa, there is a high chance that the product would be very effective and yield desired results. Just in case you are wondering what Moringa is all about, here is all you need to know:


The source and nature of Moringa

Moringa Oleifera has its source from the parts of India that are particularly high in altitude- sub Himalayan regions. Moringa is a well-known herb with astounding therapeutic efficacies that have been enjoyed by Indians for hundreds of years. Moringa belongs to the Moringacae species and comes in a variety of forms which includes: oil, seed, tea, leaf and tree.
Other interesting ways in which Moringa is offered to consumers includes it being formulated as an effective supplement. When you use supplements that have Moringa extracts in it, you will certainly experience enviable improvements in your overall health.


Ways in which Moringa eliminates excess weight

Moringa eliminates excessive weight by enhancing metabolic processes in the body. Many people gain unwanted weight because of very slow metabolic processes. Moringa helps accelerate Metabolic processes which allows swift conversion of diet into energy. When metabolism is slow or bad, there is a heightened rate of excessive weight gain and Moringa helps to remedy this problem.
One of the core reasons why Moringa enhances digestive process is because it contains plenty of glucosinolates which actively digest isothiocyanates. Moringa is great at helping your body digest foods that are otherwise difficult to digest. It lowers the chances of various diets being retained in your body as fat.
When you ingest Moringa regularly, you would notice that you no longer desire to eat excessively. Your food yearnings would decline noticeably and this would certainly encourage weight reduction. The reason for this is because Moringa contains plenty of fiber which is known to make people satiated for extended periods.
One of the most important principles when it comes to weight reduction is eating less and Moringa is great at helping you achieve that. When you eat less, your body would have to start consuming stored up fat thus making you give up weight.
Moring is fortified with an abundance of vitamin A and C and these vitamins are great substitutes for harmful pastries and diet that increases your weight. Additionally, Moringa has Anti-inflammatory properties which would actively prevent buildup of bodily fluids that could cause weight gain.


Combining Moringa with your Nutrition

From the aforesaid, it is clear that Moringa is great for metabolism which in turn prevents the buildup of fat. However, what is the best approach to combine Moringa with your daily nutrition for desired effect?
Moringa comes in a variety of ways and offers a long list of exciting alternatives for you to enjoy. Also, you can explore the many impressive recipes in order to make Moringa a part of your everyday nutrition.
Moringa herbs can be added into your cooking as spice and the Moringa powder will certainly make a fine yogurt blend. While many alternatives are available to you, it comes highly recommended that you ingest Moringa as a supplement.
This is particularly preferable because you can easily ensure that you get the required dose. This also eliminates the challenge of using stressful ways to incorporate Moringa into your diet. The right dose of Moringa varies from one person to the other. Therefore, it is best to seek the opinion of your doctor/ dietician/ nutritionist. However, the total weight of a person is often used as a determinant of dose in most cases. The fatter you are the more milligrams of Moringa you must consume every day. Therefore, always remember to progressively lower your Moringa intake to match the consequent reduction in your weight as a failure to do so could result in excessive weight loss.
Thankfully, Moringa does not contain any harmful constituents but you could still suffer from abdominal pain and a variety of distasteful complications.


Therapeutic effects of Moringa

Interestingly, Moringa offers a long list of Therapeutic effects that you would be astounded by. Some of the various therapeutic effects of Moringa include the following:


Moringa strengthens joints.

• Moringa enhances the health and performance of the Thyroid.

• Moringa bolsters the immune system.

• Moringa helps you lose your excess weight. (and that belly fat too)

Moringa leaf also makes for a spicy veggie when prepared in meals correctly. This makes Moringa great for food while rejuvenating the body at the same time.
If you are considering exorbitant programs, sessions or medications for weight loss it comes highly recommended that you give Moringa supplement a first try. Moringa is very effective and would help reduce your weight without any complications whatsoever. However, it is important to remember that a lifestyle change is equally imperative for maximum and long-lasting results. Scheduled workouts and strict diet are essential when trying to lose weight regardless of what approach or product you choose. When you make a conscious effort to lower your calorie consumption and train often, you can be sure that your Moringa supplement would yield mind-blowing outcomes!

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Grandma’s Secrets you must know about Triphala Supplement for Healthy & Long Hair

Blog 3 1 - Grandma's Secrets you must know about Triphala Supplement for Healthy & Long Hair

Grandma’s Secrets you must know about Triphala Supplement for Healthy & Long Hair

Triphala has always been known to be beneficial to the human race, especially for healthy hair. For over 2000 years, the Ayurvedic medicine staple has been more than a blessing to the human race.
Knowledge is power, and a little knowledge of Triphala can give you a great insight of how amazing the Triphala supplement formula is.This way you can maximize the benefits to your own advantage.
For decades that turn into centuries, Triphala has been praised to promote healthy hair and the question here is; what actually is this Triphala? What makes it so to have such attributes and power?
Below is the answer you seek.

What is Triphala?

Triphala is just like any other herbal blend but made of up of three fruits. The fruits that makeup Triphala are dried and grounded into powder. These powders are then combined by mixing to make a blend.
The plant from which these fruits are gotten from is naturally endowed with flavonoids, polyphenols, and anti-oxidants. Each of the mentioned content has their functions, for instance, the anti-oxidants fight off bacterial and viral infections. It keeps the body from external attacks. The flavonoids also possess antioxidant qualities that prevent cancerous growth in the body.
To better understand why this formula is power, a better look at the individual plants that make up Triphala will help.

3 Unique Plants that make your Triphala supplement

Amla, haritaki and the Bibhitaki are the plants that make up the dried Triphala mixture that is very beneficial to the human hair.
These three fruits are harvested, dried up, powdered and blended into a ,mixture in a specific ratio. These powders are all blended together to achieve a smooth powder which gives you your favorite supplement for Healthy, long, natural hair. The Trio is what provides the triphala supplement, the benefits it possess.
Amla(Emblica Officinalis): It is known for its restorative power, coupled with vitamin C which has a high protective power. The vitamin fights off cold and digestive complications such as constipation. In India, Amla is often referred to as Gooseberry.
Bibhitaki(Terminalia bellirica): Research shows that the Bibhitaki has played a major role in combating high blood pressure and also control of blood sugar level. In addition, it is proven to also be helpful in dealing with arthritis. It also helps in the management of different forms of heart-related diseases including stopping the progression of atherosclerosis.
Haritaki (Terminalia chebula): Haritaki is widely used in many medical conditions such as constipation, diabetes, dementia and inflammatory cases too.
All the three fruits mentioned are great and nature endowed. Their individual makeup and components make up the Triphala that has been the centere of healthy hair.

Triphala and Your Hair

Besides other numerous health benefits mentioned earlier, Triphala is known to be an unequaled tool to fighting hair loss. The simple gesture of making Triphala part of your hair regimen helps give you a healthy hair.
It has so many forms of application such as the tea form, supplements, or applying in a traditional way. The outcome is always amazing. Hair loss happens gradually and escalates over time. It takes a level of observation to know when it creeps in-when you notice strands of hair on your pillow, that is one sign of hair loss to note. It is not just enough to notice when hair loss starts, the next thing should be taking action to slow down and stop the process. Regular intake of Triphala supplement helps prevent hair loss.

How does Triphala Supplement work for Hair Loss?

Triphala Supplements contain blended Triphala powder which is a nature’s blessing boasting of the super active antioxidant components that help in many disease conditions. Hair production and improvement is also part of its function.
One of the reasons why Triphala powder is very effective for hair loss is that the all three plants that make up Triphala(Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki) are all super-rich in antioxidants that aid free flow of blood. This in particular ensures that blood circulation gets to the roots of your hair. A healthy hair needs adequate blood flow. What this means is that one of the major cause of hair loss is low/poor blood circulation in the human system.
Vitamin C helps fight signs of aging thereby reducing grey hair.
It might also interest you to know that Triphala is capable of eliminating Dandruff. That annoying itchy flakes will be history with the regular intake of Triphala supplement.

How to Use Triphala Powder for Hair

Application of Triphala can come in so many ways. Personal preferences differ as well as the method of application. It is best if you experiment with different methods and then make your choice which suits you the best.
Methods of applying Triphala

Pill/capsule form:

Taking the Triphala pill is a very good way of maximizing the health benefits of the supplements. In general, the body benefits and also the hair health too.

Paste form:

You can also decide to make a paste out of the Triphala powder by mixing with water and applying it on your scalp. Leave on your scalp for 30minutes and rinse with clean water. This method is very effective against dandruff.

Triphala powder and shampoo:

Shampoos are used in washing hair clean off dirt. It is will be very wise if you can add the Powder from one capsule of your favorite Triphala supplement in your shampoo. It will do a great job in dealing with dandruff as well as eliminating hair loss.
Triphala powder which is made of three powerful naturally endowed fruits has proven to be very effective tool in human health and healthy hair. Incorporate this wonderful supplement in your daily regimen and enjoy its immeasurable benefits.

How to save big with innovative procurement techniques in the pharma industry

Tosc pharma blog 3 - How to save big with innovative procurement techniques in the pharma industry
PinExt - How to save big with innovative procurement techniques in the pharma industry

How to save big with innovative procurement techniques in the pharma industry.

Value-Based Sourcing

Procurement Has Vast Opportunities in the Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics Industry
Procurement is capable of having a major role to play in the pharma, supplements and cosmeceutical industry — even being a source of competitive advantage — if given the chance it deserves. In the Health and wellness sector, procurement hasn’t often been seen as a high priority. Emphasis is often put on healthy margins and the stability of the growth of the industry, with virtually zero control on crucial spend buckets such as marketing, research and development. This has relegated the role of procurement and purchasing in pharma to a minor back-office function.
However, things can change and push Procurement to a position of high priority such that it can play a major role by enhancing its capabilities in Category and Cost Management to create critical competitive advantage for pharma firms.

Category Management

For most people, Category Management may appear not that critical in an industry like Pharma where the raw materials used are quite specific, with focus being instead put on the highly-regulated APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients).

However, even if the suppliers of such active substances may not be very many and even with validation and regulatory approval costs often being quite high, Category Management can still help make crucial savings. This is because Category Management is all about identifying, analyzing and prioritizing actions owing to a certain category’s specificities. It’s about proactively managing expenditure.
Our customers — as well as some companies cited by global management consulting firm McKinsey — have experienced double-digit savings when incorporating Category Management principles on APIs, primary and secondary packaging, and equipment.
Cost Management & Value-Based Sourcing
Cost Transparency and Value-Based Sourcing are other key areas with great opportunities. The most important aspect of cost transparency involves being able to break down the costs associated with the sourcing of APIs, excipients, both primary and secondary packaging, administrative processes, as well as margin/markup. Since margins and markups alone can take up to 80% of the selling price, cost management and transparency across these elements is essential as negotiations are bound to be strongly impacted by the weight of these components.
Another key advantage of working on cost management and transparency is gaining better market knowledge. When you are aware how costs compare to each other in the market, then it becomes easier to realize the best value for money and react to shifting market conditions accordingly.
Like in other sectors, the pharmaceutical industry often benefits a lot from low-cost country (LCC) sourcing to make huge savings. Although APIs already mostly come from China and India, LCC sourcing is capable of going even further than that. Apart from APIs, other categories that can take advantage of LCC sourcing include testing (which often amounts to a big portion of the selling price), buying manufacturing equipment and packaging.
Quite obviously, procurement organizations in the pharma sector should set their eyes beyond just prices and costs to also include “Total Value of Ownership” (TVO) in their sourcing processes. The cost of logistics may have an impact on what the best sourcing zone should be. Additionally, the pharma industry has its own risks to manage, therefore the choice of suppliers must also include a risk assessment and — at least for past suppliers — a performance assessment.
In conclusion, we are living in both exciting and challenging times for the pharmaceutical industry in general, and procurement can take its rightful place in bringing the desired change as long as its capabilities in critical areas like Category Management and Value-Based Sourcing are reinforced accordingly!