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Medical Information on our medical products and services is solely provided by Tosc for safety purposes. Though information on these products and services may differ from country-to-country, they all contain same information. A particular product or service on this Site may not be available in your country. Interestingly, all listed products can only be found in India upon prescription from any medical personnel as the products information does not provide adequate medical information on the product. Do not use the information provided on this site regarding a particular product as an alternative to consulting the services of a qualified doctor or any medical personnel. Information on products and services outlined on this site should not be used as a promotional piece for some other product or service unauthorized by the rules and regulations of India. Finally, this website may contain descriptions on some unlabelled products and services or on some products and services yet to be approved.


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There may be some grammatical solecism associated with the information, software description, and the details on the various products and services displayed in this site. Kindly note that neither Tosc nor the person/s that created this site has assumed full responsibility for any of such error on the site and henceforth refute all conditions and warranties of merchantability, usage, consumption, title, fitness, non-infringement, and completeness regarding any of its Products and Services. Tosc has also referenced its affiliate directors, employees and consultants.


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It is highly prohibited for a user to transfer their access details to this Site to another user. Access rights given to a user to enable that user have access to information or documents cannot be transferred and therefore remains under the custody of Tosc International Pvt. Ltd.


  1. No Aid

The site has been designed to provide basic information and not information on offers to invest in Tosc. It hasn’t been designed to provide medical aid, nor has been designed to provide steps on the most appropriate use of its Products and Services.


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The user tends to endure any risk associated with the use of the site. Therefore on no account shall Tosc or any of its Affiliating agencies, employees, directors, officers, or consultants be accounted for any damages incurred which of course isn’t limited to direct, incidental, indirect, consequential or any kind of claims resulting to unforeseen losses or even losses initially reported by the user with the creation of the Site of with the usage of other third-party sites. The limitation also includes damages caused by viruses and other harmful components on your computer equipment.

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Contents on this website are entirely subject to copyright protection; therefore its contents should never be duplicated under any circumstances without the prior knowledge and consent of Tosc International Pvt. Ltd. The user should on no account display, distribute, download, and republish any information images, text, and or documents contained in the web portal without the sole consent of Tosc.

  1. Miscellaneous

In situations whereby a court restricts a particular section of the Terms and Conditions, the remaining parts of the Terms and Conditions shall remain valid.

  1. Governing Law:

Tosc International Pvt. Ltd has been designed and developed in New Delhi India; owing to this, the various Indian laws apply to its functionalities and existence. The court in New Delhi is only allowed to control its Terms and Conditions while Tosc has the reserved rights to make changes to its Terms and Conditions whenever it deemed necessary.