Privacy Policy

ToscInternational Pvt. Ltd urges its users to endeavor to read this Privacy Policy Statement, before proceeding to access our website at However, if you continue to access this Site, we believe that you must have gone through and agreed to our Privacy Policy Statement without exceptions. Access would be restricted to users who disagree with this Privacy Policy Statement. Tosc International Pvt. Ltd, along with its affiliated companies, therefore reserves the fundamental rights to modify or delete this information any time it desires without any formal written pre-notification.


Compilation of Personal Detailed Information

1.This Site has not been designed and developed for the collection of users’ personal detailed information. Tosc International Pvt. Ltd’s web portal cannot identify its users personally unless they access its site and feed it with their recognizable personal details.

2.Active collection of data/ information: Tosc can collect user’s personal information on its Web site. For instance, users may submit their names, postal addresses, and other personal information details in a bid to receive information about various product details. Users are advised to desist from providing any information not requested by Tosc so as to protect their privacy.


3.Passive Collection of Data/Information: Tosc International Pvt. Ltd website is likely to collect data as well as information on users’ visits without these users submitting their information. Cookies, internet tags, web beacons and other web tools are used in obtaining such information from users. Information captured by the web portal may include URL of the visited website, users’ GPS location data, Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, operating system’s details, mobile phone’s service provider, users’ internet browser version and lots more. Tosc’s ability to passively collect users’ data and information, provides users with better service, analyzes trends, and improves the utility of the website. Interestingly, collected data and information cannot be used to identify its users without some additional information.


Intended Usage of Personally Recognizable Information

4.Tosc uses the personal information provided by its users through its web portal to attend to their numerous questions, ensure effective and efficient customer service platform for proper communication. It achieves this by using some technological tools to extract users information obtained after user must have filled some form after which it stores it in its database for easy access. This personal information allows users to quickly access preferred web sections of the website they frequently visit.

5.Tosc collects stores and uses all the information obtained in compliance with the Indian laws. However, it’s advisable to restrict a number of personal details you fill into the Tosc Site by ignoring the individual information section of the web portal. A good number of our web services are made available to you if you make adequate provision of your personal information available to us. Most often users are given the opportunity to opt out or opt in Tosc’s contact lists for some offers, additional services, promotions and lots more which are most likely to interest these users. If they opt in for these services, we will as well use this information to market some of our goods and services. For instance, in compliance with the law and with our users’ consent, we could make use of their email addresses to send special news offers, newsletters, and promotions, as well as to contact these users about products and services that might interest them.



6.Tosc International Pvt. Ltd does not support the sending of unsolicited electronic mails, to a massive number of clients over and over again without the consent of these users or with which it has had no previous business contact with or which it might have had but got turned down. Such act which is defined to as spamming could be quite annoying to users. However, Tosc may send some periodic electronic mails to users or visitors, suggesting some educating and exciting areas to them, but with options to opt out if not interested.


Non-Disclosure of Data/Information

7.Users’ personal information on Tosc’s website can easily be accessed by Tosc, its numerous affiliate companies, as well as by individuals who may have been contacted by Tosc to carry out some business activities.

8.Kindly note that Tosc will on no occasion sell its users personal details to company or individuals.

9.However, Tosc may share its users’ personal information with a third-party, only when it is required to further some business deals. Do not be disturbed as we ensure that any information shared is in compliance with the third-party confidentiality agreement law and adequately used only for the intended purpose it was collected.

10.We may as well release our users’ details only when we are certain they comply with the law. Additionally, we may give out our users’ health details, if after reviewing it, it complies with the law.


Protection of users’ personal data/information

11.Tosc International Pvt. Ltd will ensure it maintains adequate technical security measures in a bid to protect its users’ data.

12. Part of our Policy is to ensure each of our web pages, adequately collects our users’ personal information; additionally, we guarantee that these details are sufficiently secured as they as being transmitted over the internet. Irrespective of this excellent feature, we urge you to provide you carefully transmit this personal information.

13. Information collected by Tosc, can only be stored in its database within the specified period it was intended.


 Links to other sites

14.This Privacy Policy is only applicable to Tosc International Pvt. Ltd web portals. We may also make available links to other websites that you may find interesting. However, Tosc isn’t responsible for the various contents of these web portals; therefore you access to these sites, security of your personal data/information, and access to its various materials, is solely at your discretion.



Access by Minors

15.Tosc is solely against the use of its website by minors (children below 18 years). However, as a parent or guardian endeavor to always check your wards of child’s internet activities and if you get to notice that they have sent their details to us, kindly contact us, and we will assist you in retrieving this information.


Access to your personal data/information

16.You can effectively use the Edit feature If you are willing to edit, add, review or even delete any of your already entered personal data on our Site. This feature is available on your profile, or you could contact us to assist you in achieving this.
17.For questions and enquiries, on our various goods and services, or on the use, deletion or amendment of personal data, in our Site, kindly click on the “Contact Us” link on any of our web pages or send an email across to us at You could also send a letter using the following format:

Address: Tosc International Pvt Ltd, H-1429 DSIDC Narela Industrial Area New Delhi-110040, India
Attention: Legal Department

18.Whenever you intend communications with Tosc, kindly endeavor to include your email address (one used during registration) along with the website link and your complaint or request. Use the “Delete Request” or “Amendment Request” as the subject of your mail if you intend deleting your personal details from our website. We promise to respond swiftly and promptly.


Change in Policy

19.Tosc also reserves every right to ameliorate this Privacy Policy without adequately informing its users to embrace some technological growth, legal regulations, as well as some useful business strategies. Whenever a new Privacy Policy has been created by Tosc, it ensures it releases a formal statement before its change.

20. Kindly note that this Privacy Policy was amended on 8th November 2017 making it effective from this date.