Soaps Manufacturer

Soaps are one of the basic necessities that human beings require for daily usage in order to aid them in cleaning and bathing. Soaps are available in the form of hard solid bars as well as in the form of condensed liquids and are the commonest means of washing and cleaning used in combination with water. While historical pieces of evidence go to prove that soaps were prevalently used since antiquity, the earliest specimen of its usage was found from the powder obtained form the Sapindus tree used by the ancient Indians. Moreover, engravings in Babylon obtained around the 3 rd century BC have also revealed the ingredients required to manufacture soap. Similar proofs have also been found in the Egyptian papyrus and in Roman history. The manufacture of soap is not a very complex process. Soap is formed potassium or sodium salts obtained from the fatty acids and they are recovered by means of the process of saponification which includes a reaction between lye and fat.