Coal Tar Soap (Tartosc Soap)

Minimum Order Quantity : 5000 Pcs.

Supply Ability (Per day)      : 10000 Pcs.

Main Export Markets           : Asia, Africa, Middle East

Main Domestic Markets      : All India

Packaging and labeling of products can be customized as per requirement.


Coal Tar Solution (Tartosc Soap) is used for Psoriasis, Seborrheic dermatitis and other conditions.

Tea Tree Oil  (Tartosc Soap) is used for Mild to moderate acne, Fungus infections of the nails, Athletes foot and other conditions.

Jojoba Oil is used for Skin problems, Hair problems, Face problems, Bacterial infections, Inflammation and other conditions.

Chamomile Extract is used for Intestinal gas, Travel sickness, Stuffy nose, Hay fever Nervous Diarrhea, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and other conditions.


Coal tar solution, Glycerin

Tea tree oil

Jojoba oil, chamomile Extract